Private Internet Access 'Go Dark for Privacy' New York Times Advertisement
Private Internet Access ‘Go Dark for Privacy’ New York Times Advertisement
July 4th 2019 Issue of The New York Times


At the end of a workday, on July 1st, I was asked by my former-employers at Private Internet Access for a newspaper ad. A 36-hour turnaround on probably the most widely visible design I’d yet create. I was given a quote and a premise for a full-page black and white ad in, of all things, The New York Times, to contest a bill appearing in congress that threatened encryption and digital privacy.

What ensued was a high-pressure design and writing process. I was given less than 36 hours to conceptualize, write copy, illustrate, and design an ad. While successfully meeting my deadline, all formatting requirements, and fulfill a personal aspiration. The ad was completed on time and was highly regarded by digital rights enthusiasts and advocates.